Voice and Data

Voice-data networks, also known as structured cabling, are several standards that define how cables that make up a network from a building that can be home or office are installed.

The distribution point for voice and data networks is usually located centrally within the building to ensure a more efficient cable distribution.

Din punct de vedere al alcatuirii unei retele de voce-date, putem mentiona o lista cu principalele componente, fara a fi insca exclusive:
From the point of view of building a voice-data network, we can mention a list of the main components, without being exclusive:

  • Cable - is the party that provides the transport of information
  • Outlets - Through them, the user has physical access to the network
  • Racks - are actually distribution cabinets or cable concentrators
  • Patch Panels - are the components that are mounted in racks and which connect the ends of the cables coming from the sockets