IT services

The Internet has become a modern tool for disseminating information, communication and commerce. With the growing role the internet has in the current business environment, companies are increasingly using mobile devices connected to the data network, interconnected networks via the Internet (where IT security services implementation is indispensable), eCommerce websites or messaging servers, all of which are very important or even indispensable tools for achieving business goals.

Most companies do not realize the risks they are exposed to using the Internet without the use of IT security services.

At present, all important company information (financial information, contracts, written communications, customer databases, suppliers, etc.) is also stored digitally within the IT infrastructure.

Data security inside the network, the security of messaging information, and the security of IT services provided over the Internet become a critical point for any company and are just as important as the physical security of the company's office or important documents inside it .

IT security provides three basic data features: privacy, integrity and availability.

Privacy is the property of preventing unauthorized access to information by people or systems.

Integrity is the feature of information that can not be changed without authorization. Data integrity is compromised when an employee can change or even delete important files or information when computers are infected by computer viruses when an unauthorized user can modify information on a website or database.

For an IT system to fulfill its roles, information must be available when it is needed. Therefore, the information that is stored, the IT security policies and services used to protect it, and the communication channels used to access it must work correctly.

Data availability must be ensured both by implementing High Availability solutions, preventing service interruptions due to power failures, technical failures, periodic upgrades, and DOS (denial of service) attacks, but also through a good approach and implementation of IT security services.

Risk management

Risk management is the process of identifying the vulnerabilities that computer resources used by a business to reach its business goals and to decide what measures are needed to reduce risk to an acceptable level, criticality of the IT resource for the company.

As it is also required by security standards, ATEZET proposes an infrastructure security management by following:

  • Develop an IT security policy;
  • Organization and centralization of IT security;
  • Routine control of account and user access;
  • Secure hardware and software equipment;
  • Managing security of communications and computer operations;
  • Monitor and treat security incidents as quickly as possible;
  • Constant checking of security logs.

ATEZET provides IT security services to your company information through:

  • Secure access paths by implementing firewall solutions, using complex passwords and authentication certificates and periodically renewing them;
  • Restrict access to authorized locations only;
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions for securing the transfer of information between multiple locations or remote connections within the IT infrastructure;
  • Applying and managing access rights to sensitive information within the company;
  • Establishing access levels for documents for company employees;
  • Encrypting Confidential Data;
  • Providing advanced anti-virus and anti-spam solutions for data security.