Interphone / Video Interphone

Intercom and video intercom systems - Video intercom systems with 7-wire wired or wireless monitors make life easier.

You can order opening the door directly from your home without moving to the gate. The high quality makes these video intercom systems sustainable over time. In our store you can find a very useful intercom and video intercom where the wiring for the intercom / video intercom has been omitted or the wiring is simply not wanted.

Audio speakers for residential use.

Single-station or two-station intercom systems for your residence. With these intercoms you can improve your life, communicate with the visitors and open the entrance door if we want this with an electromagnetic yawn mounted on the outside of the intercom. Video Residential Video Intercom, just at ATEZET you can find the most varied range of color video intercoms with an indoor or more indoor station. Excellent quality for systems imported by ATEZET. Intelligent video intercom systems with built-in alarm and video surveillance function.