Access & Time Control

If your business still does not use an access control and time check system, it's time to consider the benefits of such an investment. The first thing you think about, which many people think about is the security offered, limiting the access of foreign or unauthorized persons to the building. You probably do not think you need it, you probably think the entry guard is enough, but it's not. Here's the benefits of an access control system:

For security

Access control systems are not just an impediment to entering the building, they are also a way of knowing who is entering the building, at what time and for how long. Whether we are talking to customers, customers, visitors or employees, this monitoring mode provides important information for your business, information that allows you to maintain a perfect security.

For the business

Whether you have a small business with just a few employees or a large business with dozens of employees, a system of access control and timekeeping allows you to manage your time much easier. First, it automates the entire process, all the hours worked by each employee are quantified much easier, and there can be no misunderstandings because everything is clearly and precisely marked. At the same time, productivity is on the rise, there is no need to lose hours for adding hours to the end of the month for each employee, this happens automatically.

For employees 

Even if the access control system seems to be on the employer side, creating new constraints for employees, they have their share of advantages. Hours worked are not only evidenced by the employer, but by the system itself, so there can be no misunderstandings about their number. Moreover, all extra hours are monitored and enter the total number of hours worked.

Access control systems are used by generations for business, security, professionalism, and a much easier way to monitor employees and all people entering the building. Why is it time to have an access control system? Because you will gain from it, in efficiency, in time and in money.